New St. John Baptist Church



Your kids can expect fun and fellowship

1st, 3rd and 4th 


7:45 A.M.  -  9:45 A.M.

Ages 1 - 11

NSJ Educational Building

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Sunday School Publishing Board.

Ministries of New St. John

Deacons Ministry                          Music Ministries:

Deaconess Ministry                              Chancel Choir

Adult Ushers                                         Voices of NSJ

Young Adult Ushers                             Mass Choir

Youth Ushers                                        Men of Valor

Greeters Ministry                                  Men's Ministries:          

Media Ministry                                              Men's Bible Study

New Members Ministry                                 33 The Series

Biblical Financial Study                        Women's Ministries:

Christian Education Ministry                         Women's Bible Study

Children's Worship Ministry                           Sister-To-Sister

Scholarship Ministry                                       Married Women Ministry

Labouror's Ministry                              Cultural Development

Senior Wellness Ministry                        and Support Guild

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